Yaasa Studios Infinity Blanket

This is the first blanket that increases blood flow*, aids recovery & enhances rest through unique Celliant® fiber technology & eco-friendly materials.

The Yaasa Studios Infinity Blanket is the first to use innovative infrared technology with blended organic cotton. It absorbs your body’s energy and emits infrared light back into your tissue due to the unique use of Celliant® fibers. It’s the special ingredient that creates the perfect balance of luxury, design, and wellness.

Whether you’re an athlete looking for a recovery trick, a yogi seeking wellness and comfort during resting poses, or simply someone who’s looking to improve sleep, The Yaasa Studios Infinity Blanket is perfect for you.

  • CELLIANT® TECHNOLOGY – Celliant® is blended into organic cotton to create a revolutionary fabric that increases energy levels in healthy individuals.
  • CLINICALLY TESTED – Celliant® fiber is recognized for its infrared (IR) properties and has been clinically tested.
  • The Infinity Blanket is manufactured with green practices in Europe and uses certified organic cotton. Up to 12 plastic water bottles are recycled in the production of each blanket.IR has a vasodilator effect which expands blood vessels, increases energy levels, enhances cell vitality, and regulates body temperature. Higher energy levels equal more fuel for your body, aiding in recovery.

Celliant Fibers

Celliant® is revolutionary, patented technology that recycles the body’s natural energy (heat) into infrared (IR) light that is emitted back into the body’s tissue.Infrared is widely recognized for having positive effects on the body. The use of Celliant® fibers converts the body’s natural energy (heat) into infrared (IR) light and emits it into the body’s muscles. Over 60% of your consumed energy is lost simply through heat escaping your body.