DreamCloud Review

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DreamCloud Review

Earlier this year, the best hybrid mattress on the market was released. The DreamCloud, is a combination of coils and memory foam, creating a universal feel and priced at $1600, an unbelievably low price for today’s hybrid mattresses.

You can have this brand-new mattress delivered to your door with free shipping, a trial period of 365 nights and a lifetime warranty. has one universal feel, comes shipped for free in a box and has a lifetime warranty. You can’t get this kind of deal with any other hybrid mattress on the market, nor will they have 8 layers from base to cover, creating a 15″ thickness.


The Materials That Make The DreamCloud

The DreamCloud Review. This mattress is made with a coil system that provides an excellent foundation that is supportive beyond your expectations of a hybrid mattress. Even with the many different layers that are used to make the DreamCloud comfortable, the support is outstanding.

Among those layers is a mixture of latex and memory foam which relieve any pressure as they evenly distribute your weight. The DreamCloud is adaptable to different sleeping positions with minimal motion transfer, great edge support, and keeps you cool all night,

This hybrid bed has a cover that is made of soft cashmere fabric that is ultra-smooth to your touch and under it you’ll have multiple layers of different foams that create a medium firm mattress. The combination of a coil system, latex, and memory foam create a mattress with 15″ of comfortable, supportive thickness. The different foams will contour your body while the coil system provides you good balanced support while you sleep, keeping your spine properly aligned.

While this mattress is 15” thick, it weighs less than 100 pounds, making it easy to move around your bedroom if desired. Other hybrid mattresses that are this thick are heavy and difficult, almost impossible, to move around. You’ll find out why later on in this review.

The Details of the DreamCloud Comfort

This hybrid mattress doesn’t have multiple firmness choices as we’ll discuss in this DreamCloud Review. The medium firm appeals to many sleepers with many different sleeping positions. That is because of the unique combination of different layers that consists of latex and memory foams, which provide an excellent pressure relieving surface.

These foams combined together create a top that is over 5” thick. There is some sinking, but not too much that it makes it uncomfortable. The level of comfort foams may almost border on too much. Often you will find that there is sagging early on with these types of foams.

One of the best benefits we found of the DreamCould hybrid mattress having all those foam layers is the isolating motion. Disturbance is minimized when one sleeping partner moves because of these various layers which are slow to respond, thus reducing any possible vibrations.

However, it has been reported by those who have purchased this type of hybrid mattress found that these many layers of foam retained heat and they woke up hot and sweaty.

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Unboxing and Setup DreamCloud Review

You’ll need one more person to help you get the mattress in place.

Upon taking your 94 lb DreamCloud hybrid mattress out of the box to set it up, you’ll notice a strange smell at first. This is called off gassing and is perfectly normal for a boxed mattress. Simply allow the mattress to sit for 24 hours so that it can totally expand and that odor to dissipate.

Keep in mind, your DreamCloud mattress is not American made, and the off gassing odor comes from sitting in it’s box longer than normal. A 24 hour period of sitting will be well worth your wait and give you that comfortable, supportive sleep you’ve been wanting.

You want make sure you have a good foundation in place for your hybrid mattress before it arrives. It should be even, flat, and able to handle the weight of the mattress as well as the sleepers. Make sure you choose one that the right height for your comfort and ease of getting into bed and choose one that is aesthetically appealing to your room’s decor.

You can use a box spring with your DreamCloud mattress as well as an adjustable bed or platform bed. You can use a frame or no frame, either way, you’ll be getting a good night’s sleep. We have done research for you and have created a guide to help choose the best foundation for you and your DreamCloud mattress. Check out our Best Adjustable Beds of 2018


Your Comfort Is Here

The coil system used with the DeamCloud hybrid along with the specialty foams, creates a mattress that isn’t just comfortable, but supportive too and for just about anyone. This 15″ hybrid mattress will work for any and every sleeping position because of the innerspring core being combined with many inches of latex foam and memory foams.

Back sleepers will find the DreamCloud comfortable too. It allows enough support but has enough sinkage to alleviate any pressure as it cradles your body, including your lumbar and shoulders. Side sleepers find this mattress to work well too because of the plentiful cushion for their hip and shoulders to sink. And even stomach sleepers find the DreamCloud and the many layers on top to be comfortable and supportive.

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The Motion Transfer Is Missing

Because there are individually wrapped coils in the DreamCloud hybrid mattress, you won’t have that usual motion transfer that you do with other hybrid mattresses. When combined with the unique core support system that is then covered with multiple inches of foam, there will only be some vibration, not that disruptive movement when your sleeping partner gets in and out of bed.

The motion transfer is reduced with just using the individually wrapped coils, using a quality fabric for the wrapping. But by also utilizing memory foam for most of the comfort layers too, it keeps the memory foam unresponsive and keeps the motion limited, even removed. The majority of the vibrations is absorbed by the foams, making this hybrid mattress good for anyone, regardless of their sleeping pattern.

You Will Sleep Cool

The DreamCloud Review. The DreamCloud mattress is a cool sleeping mattress because of the few features which aid in that, such as the coil system that allows air circulation, breathability as well as support. For the person that sleeps warm, the coil system of the DreamCloud is the best option when it comes to foam mattress. Why? Because of the plentiful air flow and heat dissipation that doesn’t come with other foam beds. The many different layers of memory foam, some of which are infused with a gel, that this mattress has, in addition to the latex layer, are all a part of this heat dissipation.

However, with over 5″ of foam on the top, with most of it being the memory foam, you may notice it does retain more heat over time. The latex layers have natural aeration that alleviates the overheating, but layer is under the several inches of memory foam.

Great Edge Support

The DreamCloud hybrid mattress and the best edge support on the market. It has a solid edge that feels stable and makes additional usable sleep surface. There is support from the pocketed coils that give a solid foundation for the entire mattress, including the edges. You will notice a consistent feel when you sleep on this mattress from one side to the other. While the edge isn’t the best when you sit on the bed, it is solid enough to sit for a minimal amount of time.

A Great Value

The DreamCloud Review. For a queen size mattress, the current price is $1199, which includes a generous discount. When you consider the free delivery, 365-night trial, and the awesome lifetime warranty, you won’t find a better deal anywhere else.

Quality Materials For Quality Product

There are 6 layers when you consider the coil system and the layers of foam used to make the DreamCloud mattress. This gives you 15″ of thickness that includes over 5″ of foam on top of an 8″ coil system and over 1″ of foam under that.

An ExceptionalTrial Period

The DreamCloud mattress has an exceptional trail period of 365 nights. This allows you sufficient time to make sure this mattress is right for you. But if you find it isn’t a good fit, the company makes it easy to return.  you. And for some reason it isn’t it should be easy to return.

An Exceptional Warranty

The DreamCloud Review. The Everlong Warranty is an exceptional warranty in this industry, making the DreamCloud an exceptional mattress product. Any defects in the construction of the mattress, or the materials of the mattress are covered for the first 10 years, where a replacement will be provided if any of these defects occur. After that initial 10 years, the repair and recovering that is needed will be covered, unless the body impressions are over 1.5”.