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Jupiter by Eight

Eight Sleep Mattress using technology to create a better sleep system is the focus of U.S. based company, Eight Mattress. This online mattress company utilizes a technology that includes an innovative cover that tracks your sleep patterns and adjust the temperature. This unique system uses other smart devices to combine all this technology to create three different mattresses, one being the Eight Sleep Jupiter.

At various price points, you can find an Eight Sleep Mattress that will provide you an ideal solution for a good night of sleep. The line of Eight mattresses have a smart design with all budgets in mind and offer different shapes, each focused on aiding your body to get a perfect sleep.

The 10” foam mattress by Eight Sleep has four layers, making the Jupiter models a middle of the road choice, with a medium firm feel. It is a classic choice that provides a comfortable bed made of quality materials.

NOTE: You can purchase an Eight Sleep Mattress with the sleep tracker cover or just the sleep tracking cover only, using it with your current mattress. Or purchase the mattress without the sleep tracking. The following review includes the mattress paired with the sleep tracker.

Following is a review in comprehensive detail for the Eight Sleep Jupiter mattress. We will cover the performance of this unique mattress in these categories:

  • Unboxing and Setup
  • Comfort
  • Motion Transfer
  • Sleeping Cool
  • Edge Support
  • Value
  • Material
  • Trial and Warranty

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Eight Sleep Mattress Review

Unboxing and Setup

Once your new Eight Sleep Mattress arrives at your door, the first thing you’ll need to do is move it to your bedroom – this could take two people, so invite your best friend over! This box is fairly compact and weighs approximately 75 pounds, making it somewhat awkward to move by yourself.

After you have it in the bedroom, it will take a few minutes to remove it from the box and remove the plastic wrapped around it.  Now your Eight Sleep Mattress will come to life and it will be ready for you to unbox the smart cover, which comes in its own box. Now download the Eight App and you’re ready to operate your smart cover and all it’s features to create the best sleep designed specifically with your personal sleeping metrics.

You may notice an odor while unboxing your Eight Sleep Mattress. This minimal amount of odor is referred to as off gassing and is standard result of using the quality materials approved in the United States. As your Eight Slee[ Mattress takes it shape, the odor will vanish in just a few hours. We recommend waiting 12 hours before sleeping on your mattress to allow it airing time.

You will need a solid foundation to place your new Eight Sleep Mattress that is even and flat, that will support the weight of your new mattress as well as you and your partner. You want the foundation to be a height that is right for you and an aesthetically appealing fit for your room.

Your Eight mattress will work on and adjustable base, a box spring, a platform bed, or a slatted bed. See our review of bases and frames to help you find the best foundation for you.

The Comfort You’re Looking For

There are four layers of quality foam in our Eight Jupiter mattress to create that ideal comfort and feel. A reactive foam is used for the top layer which has the same bounce and response of latex, providing a unique comfort layer which also keeps your new Eight mattress from feeling too warm. The next layer is a memory foam that contours to your body, providing you pressure relief.

On the firmness scale of mattresses of 1 to 10, with 1 being soft and 10 being firm, this 10″ mattress rates a six.  It will provide plenty of support for back sleepers, but still allow you to sink enough so that any pressure is alleviated. The sleep surface it creates will cradle your lumbar and shoulders.

The Eight Sleep mattress also works great for a side sleeper as well by allowing your shoulder and hip and to sink into the springy foam for of comfort. Stomach sleepers will enjoy this mattress as well because it provides you the necessary support for a full night of comfortable sleep.

NOTE: The feel of this mattress, or any other mattress, will be altered somewhat when using the sleep tracker as it has its own feel.  That feeling may not be for everyone.

The Unique Motion Transfer

There is little to no motion transfer felt because of the many different levels of quality comfort foams and the dense base foam we used in our Eight mattress. And that is what makes the Eight mattress the best mattress for couples! No matter how many times one of you gets in and out of the bed at night, there is little motion to disturb the other person.

A Cool Sleep

The Eight mattresses have more focus on the motion than the on staying cool, but it does have cooling properties like gels in the top layers that minimize over-heating. There is an option that warms the bed, making it great for cold weather, but it does lack a cooling option. The top layer feels like latex, a responsive layer that does seem to help dissipate the heat dissipation. This is the perfect mattress for the person that sleeps better warmed up.

Eight Amazon Alexa Integration

A Supportive Edge

The Eight mattress offer an edge support that is fairly stable, making it a usable sleep surface by being designed to transition from the base foam through the entire mattress, giving you a solid foundation. The feeling of stability is consistent across the entire bed top. Sitting on the edge isn’t quite as supportive as the rest of the mattress, but better than other mattresses.

 A Good Value For the Price

For $1099, the Eight Jupiter Smart mattress system queen size includes the sleep tracking cover, making this a great value when you use the code to get $150.00 off your purchase. Visit the website at eightsleep.com to get an 10% off for students!

In addition to our reviews, the latest pricing and special discounts are available in Smart Bed Reviews from the direct relationship we have with Eight Sleep. We are happy to share these things with our readers. 3

Quality Materials

There are 4 layers of quality materials used in the Eight Jupiter mattress, creating a 10″ mattress of great sleeping. The top 2 inches are made from 3 pounds of Responsive Foam that is intended to give you latex foam benefits of more bounce and responsiveness. You also get the benefits of comfort and cooling as the mattress contours to your body.

The next layer is 2 inches of Contouring Memory Foam that provides you pressure relief with weight distribution. There is 2 inches of Transition foam next, providing support with 1.8lb density to create a comfortable transition between the base foam and top foams.

There is four inches of support base foam that has a density of 1.8lb, providing you a durable, stable support of the quality foams that are on top. The light-weight cover of this mattress is a breathable and simple polyester fabric and is designed for the sleep tracking mattress cover, making a better surface for the tracker.

A Unique Trial Period

The Eight mattress offer a unique 100-night sleep trial to allow you ample time to see if this mattress will be a good fit for you and your sleep habits. The return process is easy, and you’ll find all the specifics on the website at eightsleep.com.

Excellent Warranty

The warranty for this mattress is average for the industry with 10 years and is prorated to coincide with the average wear that comes naturally. It provides the buyer a confidence that this mattress is a product from a company that stands behind it. You can find all the detailed specifics of the Eight Sleep warranty period at eightsleep.com.

Eight Sleep Review

Eight Sleep Review


9.5 /10


9.9 /10


9.0 /10

Trial Period

9.5 /10


9.9 /10


  • The Eight Sleep smart mattress offers consumers an innovative luxury affordable mattress with top of the line features that not only make your sleeping experience comfortable and relaxing, but will also afford you a tracking report that analyzes the overall quality of your sleep each and every night. Though the features of this all foam mattress are of a high quality, it is the unique sleep tracking technology coupled with the quality construction of this mattress that sets it far apart from most other mattresses on the market today.
  • Smart Mattress with Advanced Sleep Tracking Technology
  • Three Foam Layers at 10 inches tall
  • 100 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial
  • Great Value for the money