Best Adjustable Beds 2018

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Did you know that hospitals or other healthcare institutions aren’t the only place to have adjustable beds? They are quickly becoming a standard in many homes now!

The technology that adjustable beds are made from today, they are attractive enough to have in your home now. And they still have the high quality that is desired, while providing a comfort you won’t find in a standard mattress setup. This is especially so for couples that have two different styles of sleeping preferences! And yet, because of the technology today, the Best Adjustable Beds are affordable too.

Here, we are going to share with you our findings from endless research that will tell you the Top Six Best Adjustable Beds on the market today. This includes Amazon’s best sellers and provides you the insights into adjustable beds, both pros and cons. We’ll tell you about the various types as well so that you can make an informed decision when shopping for an adjustable bed:

What Exactly are the Best Adjustable Beds

The electric adjustable bed is also referred to as an electric bed or zero gravity bed. This means the bed has power controls that elevate it as desired or fixed in a preferred position. You can elevate either the lower end or the upper end of the bed, even raise both at the same time, by way of an electric hydraulic motor, thus creating the effect of zero gravity.

The Benefits vs The Downsides of the Best Adjustable Beds

The Best Adjustable Beds have many benefits, and like anything, there are negatives as well. Here, we offer you a list of benefits and follow up with a list of negatives in comparison with a traditional mattress.

The Benefits

  • Creates a Chill Out Space

If you have assumed that an adjustable bed is only for the elderly or sick, you would be wrong. Yes, they are an ideal set up for those people, but the everyday consumer can benefit from an adjustable bed too. The Best Adjustable Beds have multi-function features that can make your end-of-the-day relaxation even better. Raise the bed to read or watch television, then lower the bed when you’re ready to fall asleep.

  • Additional Comfort

As you may have assumed from the first benefit we listed, adjustable beds provide comfort as well as enhanced support. This is an ideal combination for anyone who suffers from chronic pain. They can improve that chronic pain condition by relieving the symptoms.

For a person with mobility issues, adjustable beds offer personalized features such as fixable lower and raising of the platform. This provides an added layer of comfort.


  • Easily Changed Positions

When you have difficulty with mobility, you can adjust the head to the upright position, making it easier to get in and out safely while minimizing your pain. If you care for another person that requires assistance, an adjustable bed makes it easier on you and the patient both.

  • Electric or Zero Gravity

Zero gravity isn’t really an accurate term when describing adjustable beds – your basic science class in school tells you that isn’t possible. However, when it comes minimal pressure that comes with the laws of gravity, the Best Adjustable Beds come as close to zero gravity as you can get.

An adjustable creates minimal amount of pressure for the body, which is ideal for the person that suffers with chronic back, hip, or neck pain. It allows you to find the best resting position that provides relief for your joints and other sensitive parts by easing any excessive pressure.

  • Renting Your Bed Is Over

Until now, renting an adjustable bed was the only way for the elderly or sick that needed a hospital style bed at home, and that became expensive quickly. Now, you can buy the same high-quality adjustable bed, saving that rental money and getting a brand-new bed that will last longer.

The Downsides 

  • Affordable Price

The prices of adjustable beds are expensive, with or without the mattress, when you compare them with the more traditional options like bunks, four poster, and platform beds. But with some research and shopping around, you can find great combo deals that will save you money and still get you the adjustable bed you want.

  • Aesthetics

For the person that about their furniture matching the aesthetics of their home, the common simple metal bed frame is visible. However, this can be covered by buying larger quilts and sheets that will distract the view.

  • Mechanics

Just like any electrical or mechanical device, an adjustable electric bed is prone to experience breakdowns or a malfunction. Of course, the advanced technology we have today allows manufacturers to provide better quality adjustable beds than just a few years ago, but you should keep in mind, that breakdowns and malfunctions are still possible, which is why you want to make sure you get the best warranty possible.

What Adjustable Beds Are Made Of

The best part of an adjustable bed is the ability to raise and lower the head and/or feet as much as 70 degrees. With that, you want your adjustable bed to be made of materials that are durable and flexible. You want your adjustable bed to be made of materials that will last longer, even with all the bending and turning.

There are 4 types of mattresses in the adjustable bed group.

Memory Foam

Latex Foam

Traditional Innerspring

Air Bed

Here we offer you a deeper look into each of these materials to help you choose the one that is best for you and your sleeping pattern.

Memory Foam

Mattresses made of memory foam are great for the person that has chronic pain and pressure. It absorbs pressure very well and spreads your weight across the surface while it contours with your body. It is flexible and provides a pain-free sleeping comfort for any position you may sleep in.


Latex will prevent pain and ease your pressure points effectively. Latex is more buoyant than memory foam and comes in both natural and synthetic forms. The natural forms are said to be better for your health. Overall, a high quality latex foam mattress is durable and will easily flex to your preferred sleeping position.


Innerspring style mattress are the most common and consist of coils or springs that have added foam on top. These types of mattress are not compatible with adjustable bed bases. These types of mattress create pressure points instead of easing them and have to be replaced more frequently.

Airbed Mattresses

Air bed mattresses will work with adjustable bases and are better if they are upgraded to have adjustable pressure systems. Incorporated are inner air chambers with an encasement and they are then topped with foams or padding.

However, the need to bend and flex with the adjustable beds will mean that the air flow of this type of mattress is impeded. The single-chamber systems are known to be stiff when used on adjustable bases.

Review and Compare 2018 Top 6 Best Adjustable Beds

2018’s Top 6 Best Adjustable Beds are ranked by what sets them apart from each other and which features have made them the most popular.

How The Scoring Was Processed

When we decided to give the adjustable bed frames a score, we created a rating system that included five main categories, with each category given a score from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest. Those categories are:

  • Customer Reviews
  • Durability Features
  • Pricing
  • Health-Related Features
  • Warranty

Here is a brief description and overview of these 5 categories:

  1. Consumer Reviews: Using the blogs and websites of both manufacturers and retailers, as well as other sources, we collected the data of third-party reviews.
  2. Durability Features: We compiled this information by analyzing the electronics, materials, and mechanical parts and how they were constructed. We took into consideration the consumers feedback on longevity and if they were ISO-9001 certified and UIL listed.
  3. Pricing: We compared the various features of different adjustable beds and their retail prices. We found that often some brands will publish a higher price while others do not make their prices available to the public. Thus, consumers often are overcharged for some brands while being subjected to high-pressure tactics.
  4. Health Related Features: Analyzing consumer reports combined with the features different adjustable beds offer, we were able to compile a list of health benefits. Those benefits included relief from acid reflux, back, shoulder, and neck pain, muscle pain, breathing difficulties, edema, fibromyalgia, sleep apnea, and most popular these beds are sought by so many …. Snoring. The more functions a bed offered, the higher it ranked in our analyzation.
  5. Warranty: We took in consideration the length of warranty offered by each bed with a focus on full coverage terms. We found that 20 year and lifetime warranties are common, but things like the electrical parts and the motors were the most critical in warranties, most of which are 1 year to 5 years for those critical components. The longer and more complete a warranty and the more transparent a manufacturer and retailer were with the warranty got the higher rankings.


The Yaasa Adjustable Bed- Rated a 4.8 Out of 5

Yaasa has brought the Best Adjustable Beds to a higher level by offering endless benefits and more options, which provide you an improved night’s sleep with the general comfort you get.

The shipping is free when you purchase the Yaasa Adjustable Bed, a terrific budget saver. And when you consider the 10-year warranty, you can’t deny it is the best deal in the adjustable bed market. It has a minimalistic, sleek design that offers suburb functionality and the back-lit remote is wireless, another great bonus, that has a one touch flat sleep and 2 USB plugins. The wall sliding technology of the Yaasa adjustable bed isn’t found anywhere else for the price. And even better, it can be paired with almost any modern frames and mattresses.

The Yaasa Adjustable Bed Provides Looks and Safety!

The Yaasa Adjustable Bed not only looks good for any home’s décor, but it safer than the other adjustable beds on the market.  The aluminum side rails are where the electronics and lifting mechanisms are located, leaving you the space under the bed for storage. And if you don’t need that storage, there are no wires under there for pets or small children to get tangled up in or pull out.

The king size Yaasa Adjustable Beds are very price competitive because of the lower barrier that is offered compared to other brands where you must purchase two twin x-large mattresses. Couple that with the unique wall-sliding feature and other features. Yes, you read that right! The wall-sliding feature is standard with the Yaasa Adjustable Beds.

So what is so great about the Yaasa wall-sliding technology? It allows you to elevate your head, making your night stand easier to reach. For a bed that comes in a box, the Yaasa Adjustable Bed is the best value on the market when it comes to adjustable style beds, and the unique wall-slider technology is an added bonus. And what makes this bed even better … it is delivered by FedEx to your door. This eliminates freight line hassles setting up a day and time for delivery. Within two to six days of ordering, you can expect your bed to be delivered. Other brands can take as long as ten to 14 days.

The Yaasa Adjustable Bed has zero-clearance and does not require legs. So you can use a drawer bed frame, any bed frame type, or place it right on the floor. This makes the Yaasa the most flexible of all adjustable bed brands.

The Basics You Should Know

  • The weight capacity of the Yaasa Adjustable Bed is 700 lbs.
  • The Yaasa Adjustable Bed will arrive in 2 packages with free shipping.
  • The Yaasa Adjustable Bed offers a 10 year warranty.


The Amerisleep – Rated a 4.5 Out of 5

This brand that offers several health benefits and sensible pricing, making it rank 2nd in our research. There is only one adjustable bed offered by Amerisleep, the signature Amerisleep Adjustable Bed. From 3rd Party reviews that were verified, it averaged at 4.7 out of 5.

The prices are posted on the manufacturer’s website and we found theme to be in line with the features of the bed, giving you excellent value. Many customers said they did experience improvement with their health, giving credit to the customization of positions and the massage feature. This bed offers a ‘zero-gravity’ which is a proprietary feature, that elevates the upper part of your body and raises your feet, which removes tension from the sleeper’s lower back. Over 80% of the consumers say that the lower back targeting is an important asset for a mattress.

There are many innovations of the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed that will make sure the mattress stays comfortable, even if the angles of the base changes. Other features of this bed are:

  1. The MicroHook™ retention system: This creates a gentle friction with the mattress bottom to keep it from sliding down, even at the steepest angle.
  2. Wallhugger® engineering: This feature helps keep the nightstand at close range, even if you have the bed fully adjusted up. When other bases are in the up position, they tend to push you away from the wall. This bed has designed their Wallhugger® that as it raises up, pulls the mattress back which keeps the body in place regardless of the position you choose. This enables you to reach everything you need that is next to the bed.
  3. Other Features: There are USB ports, similar to that of your cell phone, and a remote stand that makes it easy to access and control the bed. There is also under-bed lighting, taking away any clinical look.

And to top it off, the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed has a 20-year limited warranty that keeps you covered adequately with labor a parts covered the first year and parts only the next 2 years. The balance of the warranty covers the mechanical base and any steel that is defective.

The Tempurpedic – Rated 4.1 Out of 5

The Tempurpedic features 3 adjustable frames:

  • The Premiere
  • The Plus
  • The Grand

This brand rated at 3rd place for the Best Adjustable Beds based on the 4.5 out of customer reviews, the brands offerings, the durability, and the health benefits. The bases offer a range of features and performance, and the brand lost points because of the high price when compared to the features and specifications offered.

Tempurpedic is a well-known brand and because of the amount of advertising and publicity they haves, they re-coop their expenses by charging a higher rate than other lesser known brands.

Tempurpedic warranties are decent in the adjustable bed market with a 5 year warranty on their Premiere and Grand beds and limited lifetime warranty. Their Plus style has a full coverage warranty for 3 years and 2 more years on parts with a 25-year warranty of the frame.

Sleep Comfort – Rated 3.8 out of 5

Coming in at 3rd Best Adjustable Beds was the Sleep Comfort. The pros of this brand were the durability, health benefits, and good ratings by customers.  They offer a Classic model and a Leggett along with Platt brand’s Brio 20 and the Prodigy, each receiving 4.0 out of 5 star.

There was a lack of transparency in this brand that affected its rating with our research in regards to the prices of the adjustable bed frames they offered. We found that when retail prices are not published, price gouging is encouraged, and consumers are often taken advantage of by the salespeople.  Sleep Comfort’s offers lower-end models with their Brio 20 and their Classic B24, both which have limited features and vague warranty details.

Costco – Rated A 3.5 Out Of 5

The Leggett and Platt S-Cape offered by Costco are both the Best Adjustable Beds based on the Sleep Science brand. Customer’s rated these at a 4.0 out of 5 on average, and stated that they did offer health benefits of a favorable level while offering a decent range of basic features.

The warranty terms were varying between the different models, not all were as transparent as others, such as a 1-year warranty on parts to a 2 to 5 year warranty. The liberal policy on returns was a bonus for most customers.

The price line was considered on the high-end, especially on the mattress-adjustable mattress packages, but they do publish their pricing on their website which most consumers like. For anyone that doesn’t have a Costco membership, they can expect to pay 5% more.

Golden Rest -Ranked A 2.8 out of 5

There are 5 lines in the Best Adjustable Beds Golden Rest brand: Companion, Floor Hugger, Night Rider, Supernal, and Valiant, with each line having several models within them that have various features. This makes Golden Rest a flexible brand, but looking at the customer reviews, that doesn’t make it a better brand necessarily.

The score of the adjustable beds averaged on all the aspects we were researching with a 3.0 out of 5 in all categories. The ratings were mixed with many consumers stating there were definite health benefits offered in the beds, but the longevity was limited, and the prices were higher, giving the brand negatives. Many consumers said the bases were a downside, stating that the appearance was too clinical looking.

The warranty offered by Golden Rest is one year for the adjustable bases, an average warranty for full coverage. But when it came to the prorated coverage, it was lower than others which is typically about 20 years.

Recapping The Reviews

In our comparison of the Best Adjustable Beds and the reviews we read, the biggest influences were manufacturer transparency and value.  Consumers of today want what they expect from what they see in showrooms and are told by salespeople. Models with little information or were not fully transparent in regards to pricing and warranties received lower ranking by consumer ratings and with our comparison.

The Best Deal Is What People Want

It only stands to reason that people want to get the best product possible at a good price and durability and features are a must when it comes to adjustable beds. Online shopping has made this easier and buyers can compare features and pricing without sales pressure. We found that brands which are offering the strongest values fare the best over brands that have outdated models, high pricing, and high-pressure sales.

Styles That Are Modern

More and more, we found that consumers are preferring the Best Adjustable Beds that have a design that blends with their home’s décor, not beds that are clinical looking. Thus, it wasn’t any surprise that the beds that rated at the top were those that came with a concealed support beams and upholstered sides as well as offer their functions within wood frames or had headboards and footboards.

Summing Up The Adjustable Bed Frame Brands

There is a lot of facts to consider when shopping for the Best Adjustable Beds. But, you don’t have to do the research yourself now. Because of research we have done, you can now focus on the brands of adjustable beds and not be confused by the many different options on the market today.

Our research has narrowed down to these models as winners in the adjustable bed market because of great transparency in cost and policies, allowing you to know what you’re buying. These beds offer an eye-pleasing design to mesh with any home’s décor and design without looking like it came right from a hospital. And … you can choose your own mattress is a bonus for these beds. A high-quality level was a plus along with features that were impressive and unique, making them a value you can’t pass up.