Best Hybrid Mattress 2018

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What Exactly Is the Best Hybrid Mattress?

Before you purchase a hybrid mattress, just like anything that is an investment, you should know exactly what you’re getting. And this is done by asking questions, which we are more than happy to answer. There are many benefits to a hybrid mattress with several things to consider about it as well before you make this purchase.

The Best Hybrid Mattress is bed made of various, unique materials. There could be at least two, but usually there are more. This allows you to take advantage of the many components that are used. Some popular examples in the past few years, both offering a multitude of benefits, with the main one being you will get the best sleeping sensation that you’ve ever experience.  Let’s take a look at what these offer:

  • Latex and Memory Foam Combination: Offers contouring capabilities
  • Latex and Innerspring Combination: Offers responsiveness and breath-ability
  • Memory Foam and Innerspring Combination: Offers contouring and support


DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

The Plush Feel Of The DreamCloud

Highlights of The DreamCloud:

  • Certified by CertiPUR-US®
  • Trial Offer of 365-Nights
  • Warranty is Everlong

The DreamCloud is a well-designed hybrid bed that is packed with premium materials. With a soft, tufted cashmere cover that surrounds the Euro-style pillow top. This provides you a comfortable first impression and last throughout the night.

The bed is made with memory foam, and zoned coils, bringing you a different aspect to the bed’s overall performance. Whether you are a back sleeper or stomach sleeper, you’ll have ample support. For the person that sleeps on their sides, the pressure relief is there to give you a good night’s sleep. There is gel infusion, providing an even cooling along measures, that is enhanced by the coils allowing air to circulate throughout.

With the DreamCloud, what stands out most is the luxurious feel that the quality construction and materials provide, representing the most exceptional value in today’s market. When you compare the savings from the DreamCloud and those models that you can purchase in-store, the savings are significant.

The edge support of the DreamCloud is one more mark that indicates the high-quality construction that this mattress is made from. The perimeter is surrounded by a special foam layer, resulting in a support level that is higher similar bed-in-a-box brands, such as the side handles that make it easier to move your bed.

The trial period of 365-nights is another plus that the DreamCloud has, and along with the Everlong Warranty offered by the company, other brands can’t compare. With free shipping and free returns, you will no doubt find this to be the best brand of mattress you can buy. The company offers free cleaning too!

Yaasa Hybrid Mattress

The Yaasa Mattress Offers Exceptional Comfort & Value

The Highlights:

  • Certified by CertiPUR-US®
  • Trial Offer of 100-Nights
  • Warranty is 10 Years
  • Made in America

Made with four layers including gel infused foam that cools and contours the body and a layer of organic latex. The Yaasa Hybrid Mattress is one of the most luxurious and substantial beds on the market today. Underneath it has pocket coil springs and the top layers relieve the pressure from the body as the innersprings off spine alignment and provide support.

The Yaasa Mattress is unique because of the exceptionally balanced feel made from coils, foam, and latex. It provides a deep bounce, pressure relief, and from the coil system that is individually wrapped, limiting motion transfer.

Every person that sleeps on this mattress will benefit from the balanced feel that comes from the foam layers. There is an enhanced cooling measures in the cover so you can sleep in cuddled comfort and not get overheated. The edge support excels all expectations from edge-to-edge with firmer coils.

There are Firm and Soft options available, giving back sleepers and side sleepers the perfect firmness level that works for them. In addition, the Comfort Guarantee offered by the company stipulates that the mattress you choose can be exchanged or returned during the 100-night trial period for free.

Eight Sleep Mars+ Hybrid Mattress

The Eight Mars Hybrid Offers Optimal Air Flow

The Highlights:

  • Certified by CertiPUR-US®
  • Trial Period of 100-Nights
  • Warranty is 10 Years
  • Made in America

Eight Sleep has created one of the best pressure relieving mattress on the market today with the Mars hybrid mattress. It not only is pressure relieving but also has optimal air flow to give you a cool night’s rest. There are four layers that include two comfort layers laid over a 4″ thick coil system with a dense base foam layer next. This creates a 10″ thick mattress that has a medium soft firmness feel. This is the perfect mattress for the dominant side sleepers or anyone that prefers a soft mattress.

This mattress and all the Eight Sleep mattresses are compatible with the sleep tracker, the technology that this brand is known for. The tracker is a cover that fits over the Eight Sleep mattresses and provides many benefits such as dual temp feature, sleep tracking, and smart alarm. You can sync this app to other devices which promotes a healthy sleep.

The Mars mattress is a quality mattress at an affordable price. You can buy it with or without the tracker and you get the 10-year warranty as well as the 100-night trial. If this mattress isn’t what you thought it would be, returns and shipping are free within that 100-night.

Eight Smart Mattress Collection

Is a Hybrid Mattress the Best Choice?

Memory Foam Compared To A Hybrid

The major point of this comparison is the lack of responsiveness the memory foam offers. Secondly, the memory foam on its own holds heat, making your sleep hot. When memory foam is combined with a hybrid, those two issues are eliminated.

Innerspring Compared To A Hybrid

The major point with this comparison is there is more bounce than most people prefer. In time, the coils tend to poke through. When combined with either foam or latex, that is resolved and you get an excellent coil foundation with comforting layers.

Why Is This The Better Choice Versus a Single Material?

That is the whole point of the best hybrid mattress: It combines the best core materials of both types. A foam-based bedding system becomes breathable and responsive while the innerspring mattress becomes soft and supportive when topped with memory foam.

The Benefits of Coils

Beds that are coil based have faster bounce, cooling, and response. Hidden behind the solid foundation are the main advantages that deliver a comfortable push-back when you lay down, which provides enhanced support and aids in proper spinal alignment. They also offer an increase in motion transfer that both sleeping partners make.

Benefits of Memory Foam

A foam-based mattress has notably different benefits, such as allowing you to sink in deeper while providing you deep-compression support, enhanced contouring, and most importantly, pressure relief. Foam-based mattresses have little motion transferring and are fairly silent. This allows both sleep partners to move as much and as often as their sleeping habits dictate without disturbing the other person. However, by not being as responsive, they tend to hold in heat, making for a hot sleep.

Motion Transfer – A Great Benefit of the Best Hybrid Mattress

This is the mattress you need if you are searching for a the best hybrid mattress that limits motion transfer, just the right bounce, and providing the support you need and want. This is done by combining the materials we discussed earlier, giving you contouring, reliable foundation, support, and soft comfort. With all of this together, you will feel as if you’re sleeping on a cloud that has back support!

Comparing The Best Hybrid Mattress Layers

Now that we have talked about the options out there on the market, we’re going to talk about comparison of other popular types.

The Latex

If you desire a mattress that provides a cool sleep and is responsive, the latex mattress is for you. The material breathes and does not retain heat. However, it does not provide body contouring like a foam mattress does.

The Innerspring

Innerspring mattresses will provide you a solid push-back as you lay down, great for the person that desires a firm and supportive mattress. However, they do incline to make the person who sleeps light feel as if they float on top, which can be eliminated by adding a memory or latex foam on top.

The Foam

Missing a supportive sleep is a foam mattress’ main disadvantage and the second disadvantage is they retain heat. The upside of these mattresses, they are comfortable, contouring, and provide pressure relief. When combined with both coils and latex, this type of mattress makes a great solution for many.

Eight Smart Mattress Collection

Your Buyers Guide

Let’s analyze and take a look at some of the individual mattress features to help you make the right choice when you buy your new mattress:

The Firmness

The most important thing in a mattress is the firmness, even when you’re considering hybrid style mattresses. It is estimated that approximately just over 75% of those shopping for a mattress prefer a medium firm bed, which is determined by an individual’s physical characteristics, preferences, sleeping patterns, and specific requirements.

For example, heavier sleepers may prefer a firmer mattress because softer mattress would tend to sink. That in turn would put them closer to the base layer, creating pressure points.

Your Sleeping Position

Obviously, a main role in choosing the right mattress is your sleeping position. This is just as important when considering the best hybrid mattress just like it when considering any type of bed on the market.

The Back Sleeper

For the person that prefers to sleep on their back, your bed should provide spinal alignment and support, which means there should be a conforming memory foam on top that will ensure that comfort and support. By combining the foam with quality spring construction, you get that push-back you want and enhanced support.

The Stomach Sleeper

Those that prefer to sleep on their stomach, a hybrid mattress will provide that support that is needed but remain comfortable for a good night’s sleep. For the lighter weight person, we suggest that a combination of latex and memory foam to get the ultimate sleeping experience. And for the heavier person, combine coils, foam, and latex so that you get that support with the desired push-back.

The Side Sleeper

The person that prefers to sleep on their side experience more pressure on their joints, therefore, a mattress that adheres to the shapes of their body is best. It will provide the best solid support, which means you should stay away from a coil-based mattress. A foam-based or latex-based bed would not only provide the right amount of responsiveness, but spinal support too.

Will the Mattress Stay Cool?

When the Best Hybrid Mattress is properly combined of the right materials, you’ll have a cool night’s sleep. While the memory foam mattress will provide you a night of comfortable contour, it will hold heat which will make for a hot night of sleep. Air doesn’t flow through the memory foam and past owners of this type of mattress have stated they woke up during the night in a sweat. The best sleep is one on a mattress made of coils and foam or latex and foam.

The Best Hybrid Mattress Value

The hybrid mattresses have proven to be the best value for the money, hands down. And there are many brands, including the best-known brands, that use this combination technology to their advantage. They combine the core materials and the results give you maximum benefits and an ultimate sleeping sensation at an affordable price.

The Durability

When you compare hybrids to mattresses made of single material, you will find they are more durable and more reliable. For instance, an innerspring mattress will most likely have springs poking through in 12 to 24 months. By covering the coils with foam or with latex, this doesn’t happen.

In Conclusion

When choosing the best hybrid mattress, there is a wealth of merit to be had as you can see by reading this review. While there is an abundance of information here, we hope that helps you in choosing the right mattress for you at a price you can afford.