Yaasa Adjustable Bed Review

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Yaasa Adjustable Bed Review

The Yaasa Adjustable Bed is a luxurious bed that complements the mattress by Yaasa perfectly. Bringing adjustable bed frames to completely new level with this adjustable, moving platform base to go with a Yaasa gives you endless benefits and options. All designed to provide you an improved general comfort for a great night’s rest.

If you suffer from hip or shoulder pain, restless leg syndrome, sciatica pain, or any other ailments that keep you from having a good night’s rest, then the Yaasa Adjustable Bed and mattress are for you! Not only will help those ailments, but it can help minimize, even stop, snoring or any other issues you may have related to acid reflux.

But there is more to the Yaasa Adjustable Bed and mattress than those health benefits! This bed moves with you, giving you the ideal sleeping position for you. You can read in bed or watch television in complete comfort as this adjustable bed and mattress are designed to fit the individual. The Yaasa luxurious hybrid mattress is an awesome product on its own, and when paired with the Yaasa Adjustable Bed, it is 100% wonderful sleeping.

The Yaasa Adjustable Bed comes with free shipping, a great cost saver for you, and a 10-year warranty. The minimalistic design is sleek, offering great functionality and comes with a wireless back-lit remote with one touch flat sleep, two USB plugins, and wall sliding technology that you won’t find anywhere else. You can pair base with most modern mattresses and frames as well.

Looks and Safety Too With The Yaasa Adjustable Bed

A Yaasa Adjustable Bed is safer than other adjustable beds because they use the aluminum side rails to contain all the electronics and lifting mechanisms there. This not only gives you more space underneath for storage, and who doesn’t need storage, but is safe for homes with pets that hide under beds.

You’ll notice that there is not any upholstery on the Yaasa Adjustable Bed and they designed it that way to make it more functional for you. Without upholstery, it won’t collect dust mites and other things that can make a bed look dirty. Your family cat or dog won’t have anything to bite or scratch either. The Yaasa Adjustable bed is easy to clean, simply wipe with damp rag.

When it comes adjustable beds in king size, Yaasa are extremely price competitive because they offer a lower barrier versus other brands that sell you two TXLs. Yaasa Adjustable Beds are extremely competitive priced and include a unique wall-sliding feature as well as many other features.

Yes – The Wall-Sliding Technology!

What is the wall-sliding technology that Yaasa offers? When you have your Yaasa Adjustable Bed elevated at the head, this unique technology makes it much easier for you to reach the night stand. If you’ve ever slept in a bed with the head elevated, you know how difficult that can be!

Not only is the Yaasa Adjustable Bed the best valued adjustable style bed in a box in today’s market, but it comes with the unique wall-slider/ wall-hugger technology too.  And even better, you have this awesome bed delivered right to your door by FedEX. No hassling with a freight line to set up a delivery day and time. The lead time is 2 to 6 days, faster than other brands, which is 10 to 14 days from the day you order.

Other reviews on the Yaasa Adjustable Bed may not tell you about the remote having two memory pre-set positions buttons that are programmed by default on the “Anti-snore” button and “Zero- G” button. They are easily programmed to each sleeper’s preferred positions and settings by holding down the memory position button desired for three seconds. After the button flashes on the remote, your choice settings are saved, much like setting the stations on your car radio.

And don’t forget, when you purchase the Yaasa Adjustable Bed, it will work with almost any mattress that you have. No need to purchase one from Yaasa, another great money saver!

Compared to other adjustable beds you’ve owned before, we guarantee you’ll find the Yaasa Adjustable bed to be more comfortable. And the floating bed style of Yaasa Adjustable Bed is compatible with your existing bed frame and bedroom set because the frame is inset from the platform which makes it free standing inside most bed frames.

In addition, the Yaasa Adjustable Bed doesn’t require legs because it has “zero-clearance”. This means you can place it on top a drawer bed frame, or any type of bed frame, even just place it directly on the floor, making it more flexible than other brands.

For more information on the Yaasa Adjustable bed and save $100, keep reading and visit Yaasa Upon check-out, use the code: SBRadjust. You will find a detailed Yaasa Adjustable Bed Review on Yaasa, which will show you how it performed in the areas of assembly, function, and value.

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