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Yaasa Mattress Review

Are you ready for a line of true quality sleep products? Well, Yaasa Mattress Review has just what you’re waiting for. Yaasa’s line of sleep products is guaranteed to go above and beyond what you expect and need in a good, true quality mattress and more. Not only do they offer a hybrid mattress, but they also offer a high quality adjustable base and Celliant blanket that will provide you a comfort you’ve never had before.

With 12″ of thickness that is a combination of coils and foams, you will find that this bed is contouring for individual needs, but supportive too. And the luxurious, fresh feeling, soft touch that the TENCEL cover provides completes this set-up to give you a night of sleep like you have only imagined …. Until today!

What Does Hybrid Offer in a Mattress?

For many of us, the perfect mattress would be the combination of a soft mattress that provides some firm support too. And that is exactly what this hybrid mattress does, making it the ideal mattress type for any sleeper.  This 12″ thick mattress is made with an assortment of advanced, high quality foams that give the mattress a luxurious softness while a special coil system provides support and response for ALL your bedtime activities. Where you are left with the best sleep.

The mattress from Yaasa is manufactured with meticulous care and detail in America. They are made to order and then shipped right to the customers front door direct from the factory. Providing an effortless process that is extremely convenient with a 100-night risk free sleeping trial. In addition, Yaasa offers a 10-year warranty, and an amazing price for an amazing well-made mattress that makes this a deal that can’t be beat.

If you have been searching for an ideal hybrid comfort, a mattress that is firm, yet soft, then Yaasa has just what you need. In addition to offering the best hybrid mattress that provides a quality sleep, Smart Bed Reviews is also offering an additional $50 Savings. From this Yaasa Mattress Review, simply use this exclusive coupon with the code: SMARTBEDREVIEWS at Yaasa and save $50 on one of the best sleeping experiences you’ll ever have.

Yaasa Mattress Review

To describe Yaasa mattresses the best way possible, we have laid out a comprehensive and detailed Yaasa Mattress Review of this incredible product. We describe how this medium firm hybrid performed for in several areas:

  • Unboxing and Setup
  • Comfort
  • Motion Transfer
  • Sleeping Cool
  • Edge Support
  • Value
  • Materials
  • Trial and Warranty

A visit to their website at Yaasa Studios will provide you even more information. It is there where you will find Sleep Experience Experts. They can assist you making an educated and informed decision in choosing the mattress that is best for you. If you have any questions that are not answered on this Yaasa Mattress Review or on their website Yaasa, call (855) 622-3711! They are really nice and helpful.

Your New Yaasa mattress will need flat, even foundation to support it once you have opened it up. Choose one that is a height comfortable for you and matches your décor. You can use pretty much any base, including an adjustable base, box spring, platform bed, slatted bed. Even the floor. The choice is yours. You will find the perfect pairing of Adjustable Beds on our website. See Yaasa Adjustable Bed Review.

Unboxing and Setup

Your Yaasa mattress will arrive at your door in a compact box. The box is somewhat awkward and heavy, so we recommend that you have some help getting it from the front door to your bedroom.

Once you have your Yaasa mattress in your bedroom, it is time to unbox it and get ready to let it come to life! Your new mattress will expand quickly, and it will be ready for you to climb into bed in minutes! It may take a day or two to expand 100% but it is still ready to sleep in right away. You’ll may notice a faint odor as you unbox this the mattress. This is normal and is very similar to what you may experience with a new car. This off gassing is kept to a minimum with Yaasa’s mattress thanks to their use of low VOC materials and water-based adhesives.

Your Motion Transfer

The hybrid mattresses by Yaasa are made from quality coils and quality foams. Each coil in their coil system is individually wrapped to reduce vibrations. The Yaasa mattress allows each sleeper the ability to move without disturbing their partner with a unique isolating motion design.

Those who have tried the firm hybrid option stated that for a coiled mattress, it did a good job in keeping the motion transfer minimized. While it did have some vibration, it also provided plenty of responsiveness. This may not be the best mattress for a light sleeper. For more information beyond this Yaasa Mattress Review, visit Yaasa!



Yaasa Mattress Review

A Cool Sleep

For a warm sleeper, the Yaasa mattress is the best in the industry. Every Yaasa Mattress features their Infinity form. A special cooling gel infused memory foam top layer. In addition, the hybrid mattresses are designed for heat to dissipate into the space between the quality coils. This makes their mattress a unique and unlike an all foam mattress.

The top layer of the Yaasa mattress is Infinity Foam, a breathable foam that retains less heat. Their firm mattresses middle transition  layer of latex that is naturally aerated and is more responsive, which keeps you cooler. That latex foam layer in a Yaasa mattress allows easier movement for sleepers to change their position during the night and the TENCEL blend cover is fee;s fresh. super soft, breathable, moisture wicking and TENCEL is a hygenic material that harbors less backteria then cotton or polyester.

Those who purchased a Yaasa firm mattress said it did keep them cool, offering ample air flow with the coil system, the latex layer, and the gel infused Infinity foam layer. Heat was minimal, and the responsiveness provided ideal support that kept them from sinking or producing heat. The TENCEL blend cover was soft and breathable so that it didn’t retain any extra heat.

The Edge Support

The edge of any type of mattress should be supportive and sturdy so that the mattress provides a consistent sleeping surface as well as making getting in and out of bed more easy and enjoyable.

From one edge to the other edge, you will get the same type of comfort and support as you do in the center of the Yaasa mattress. The sleeping surface is not just in the center, but all around the edges too, giving you a consistent feeling. Even when sitting on the edge, getting in the bed, or getting out of the bed, you’ll have a firm and solid feeling. Visit Yaasa.com and shop their new premium customized mattresses.


Yaasa Mattress Review

A Great Value

For $995, you will get a queen size mattress delivered for free. Yaasa offers a 100-night risk free sleep trial and when you’ve decided to keep this wonderful mattress, you’ll have a 10-year warranty too.  This 12” thick mattress is an excellent value with the combination of special coils and layers of quality foams.  With Yaasa mattresses, you’re getting a durable, well-made product that has been crafted meticulously, using nothing but premium materials, to create a sleeping product that is ideal for a good night’s rest.

Buy a Yaasa mattress today and there is an additional $50 discount when you use the Code: SMARTBEDREVIEWS while checking out, making this product an even better value at $945.00. And while you’re saving money on a good night’s rest, why not check out their amazing smelling candles and their infinity blanket? With the Code: SBBlanket, you can save another 20% on the blanket when you checkout at YaasaStudios.com.

You’ll find not only the latest pricing at Smart Bed Reviews, but you can find coupons and more discounts on mattresses from Yaasa. With the direct relationship between Smart Bed Reviews and Yaasa, you will come out the winner from all the discounts and additional savings they have created.

That Comfort You Want

Yaasa mattresses come in various combinations. Which one you choose will be an important part of getting the results you’re looking for. Both mattress constructions have a combination of individual pocket coils and quality foams that create their plush hybrid beds.

If you are a side sleeper, the soft choice is for you. It will provide you gentle support that allows your hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress. On a scale of 1 to 10 for mattress firmness, this mattress ranks a Four.

For those that sleep on their back or stomach, the firm option is the best choice. It will provide comfort for those times you do sleep on your side.  This Yaasa mattress offers the same coil system that their soft mattress does but with a transition layer of natural latex instead of foam. This design doesn’t allow you to sink as much into the mattress. On a scale of 1 to 10, this mattress is rated a Six.

Quality Materials for Quality Product

The two Yaasa mattresses are both 12” thick. They both are covered with the TENCEL blend cover that has a zipper around the edge so that you can remove it easily to clean. Both are made of breathable, eco-friendly, soft materials and have covered edges with leather handles for easy movability.

Where they are different, other than the level of firmness, is they are made from slightly different transition layer materials. You get the best feel and the right firmness for your sleeping position.  There is 2” of Infinity Foam in the soft hybrid mattress that gives it a 2.7lb density on top. A 1” layer of Hybrid Foam is the next layer placed on top of an 8″ Quantum Coil System, with the queen size mattress having 968 coils. All this quality material sits on a 1″ layer of 1.5lb density Base Foam.

There is a 1” Infinity Foam top for the firm hybrid mattress, giving it a 2.7lb density. Next is a 2” layer of Latex Foam upon an 8″ Quantum Coil System with 968 coils in a queen size mattress. All this quality material is sitting a 1″ Base Foam.


100 Night Risk Free Trial Period

Yaasa offers a 100-night sleep trial period on all their mattresses. We have found this to be enough nights to see if any mattress is the right fit for you. If it isn’t, the Yaasa return process is easy because they back their products with 100% confidence that you’re going to love your new mattress!

Outstanding Warranty

Yaasa offers a 10-year warranty on their mattresses, which is the standard-length industry-wide. We feel this ensures they are confident and stand behind their product 100%. Regardless of any issue or problem a customer may have. Visit Yaasa for more specific information about our warranty.

Yaasa Mattress

Yaasa Mattress


9.9 /10

Motion Transfer

9.0 /10

Edge Support

9.5 /10

Trial Period

9.5 /10


9.9 /10


  • Excellent Quality
  • Enhanced Support
  • Individual Pocket Coils
  • Superior Cooling